Habits can be good and they can be devastating to a person's health and psyche.

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According to Psychology Today, we form habits as we navigate the world, whether we are aware of them or not. If you find yourself navigating into Connecticut you'll develop some specific habits and you may not notice until it is too late.

10 Peculiar Habits People Pick Up after Living in Connecticut

Welcome to Connecticut a place filled with history, charm and very specific behaviors. Here are 10 peculiar habits you are sure to develop.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

Honorable Mentions for CT Habits:

  • Wearing Hartford Whalers Gear
  • Getting a Fade Twice a Week - We have a lot of barber shops man, the pressure to keep your fade tight is real.
  • Carrying a Dunkin' Card - Dunkin' is like air here and you're not ready for the world of Connecticut unless you have a gift card on you 100% of the time.
  • Defending Connecticut - Everyone that does not live here thinks they know what it is and they take shots at our way of life. You gotta rep your set.
  • Buying & Discussing Generators
  • Dealing Antiques

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In Memoriam: 2024 Deaths

A look at those we've lost in 2024.

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7 Secret Spots Burglars Check First When Invading Connecticut Homes

Over the past two years, I've researched, written and read reports on instances in Connecticut where people's homes were invaded by thieves looking to steal. We've witnessed on the news the RING camera footage capturing young people prowling around cars, garages, and entryways. In 2024, it's crucial for all of us to take specific measures to ensure our safety and protect our possessions. The initial and essential step in safeguarding your belongings is adopting a mindset similar to that of a burglar. Consider where intruders are likely to look when entering your home. Here, I present the 7 secret spots where robbers look first during a Connecticut home invasion.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

These Connecticut Homes are For Sale For Under 50,000 Dollars

Conneticut is an exceptionally expensive place to live and the real estate is off the charts. The cost of things had me wondering if it was even possible to find homes for $50K or less. My hypothesis was I would find a few parcels of land but that is about it. Let's see excatly what I was able to find using Redfin.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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