Mix it up this year with a tasty spicy Thanksgiving turkey.

When Popeyes ran out of their chicken sandwiches this past August people from coast to coast lost their minds. The Wall Street Journal reported that their chicken sandwich was two years in the making. Within two weeks after being introduced to the Popeyes' menu, the chicken sandwich had sold out.

To make amends for their chicken sandwich shortage, The Daily Mail's website has announced that Popeyes is now accepting pre-orders for their Cajun-Style Thanksgiving Turkey. Lets did a little deeper into this spicy bird.

This bird is hand-rubbed and infused with zesty Louisiana-style seasonings. It's then slow-cooked and flash-fried so the skin becomes nice and crispy. The turkey is fully cooked but is shipped on-ice so it will need to be thawed and warmed for 90 minutes before serving.

Taste-testers from thetakeout.com reported the cajun turkey's "breast meat was incomparably juicy, a moistness usually only accomplished via brining." But what potentially happens if Popeyes' cajun turkeys sell out? You may remember a car full of people with guns drawn tried to bust down the doors of a Popeyes in Houston when their chicken sandwiches sold out. Can we all just cool-it and maintain some decorum if Popeyes' Cajun-Style Turkey sells out?

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