According to a Danbury Police Department press release, an unusual amount of students became ill today at Rogers Park Middle School.

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Administrators and the school resource officer conducted an investigation and believe THC edibles may be the cause. Around ten students made their way to the nurse's office this afternoon (3/31/22) prompting the probe. The source of the illness seemed to be shared chocolate according to the presser. This is some of what DPD had to say:

"A preliminary investigation indicates that the students became ill after ingesting some form of edible chocolate believed to contain THC.  The chocolate in question has been recovered by police investigators, who will attempt to identify its contents.   Students responsible for having distributed the chocolate were identified by school administrators and interviewed. Other than being treated by the school nurse, we have no information that indicates students will need further medical attention. As the investigation continues, further details will follow."
THC - a crystalline compound that is the main active ingredient of cannabis.
We discussed this on the Ethan & Lou Show on 4/1/22 and you can listen to the segment below.

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