A Danbury woman has been accused of illegally selling alcohol and tobacco products from her residence.

According to a press release from the Danbury Police Department, an investigation was launched into 63-year-old Vera Ribeiro-Menezes after patrol officers say they began to notice an unusual amount of foot traffic around her apartment.

As several months went by, police say the investigation revealed that Ribeiro-Menezes single servings of beer for $3.00, those little airplane bottles of alcohol (around here we call them "nips") for $2.00, and individual cigarettes (loosies) for $1.00. Because of those denominations, police dubbed the investigation "Operation 3-2-1."

After the DPD obtained a search and seizure warrant for Vera Ribeiro-Menezes and her residence, officers set up surveillance on the apartment, where they say several people were seen walking to the back of the house where the sales are believed to have taken place. During that time, the officers say they also saw a young toddler inside of the apartment.

On Friday (April 6), officers say they approached the residence and made eye contact with Ribeiro-Menezes, but instead of opening the door as she was asked, she reportedly retreated into a room, reportedly trying to destroy evidence.

Officers forced entry into the apartment, where a search was conducted, and "Operation 3-2-1" reportedly turned up $12,000 in cash, 861 cans of beer, 2,251 nips, and 5,563 cigarettes.

Vera Ribeiro-Menezes was arrested and charged with unlicensed sale of cigarettes, dispensing liquour without a permit, interfering with a search, destruction of evidence, and risk of injury to a child. She was release on a promise to appear in court.

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