A Danbury man accused of dealing drugs has been arrested for the second time within six months.

Back in August, it was reported that 23-year-old Christopher Marcos of Danbury was arrested on charges that included possession of narcotics with intent to sell, illegal gun possession and risk of injury to a child.

Now, police say the Hat City youngster is back at it again. According to a press release from the Danbury Police Department, Marcos was arrested while he sat in local traffic.

Following an investigation reportedly prompted by citizen complaints several weeks ago, members of the city's Special Investigation Division (SID) found the perfect opportunity Wednesday (February 6) to execute court issued search and seizure warrants regarding Marcos' alleged illegal activity. As he was operating a vehicle reportedly registered to one of his family members, police say they cornered Marcos, but he refused to get out of the car.

Once being forced from the vehicle, Christopher Marcos was allegedly found to be in possession of what officers describe as a substantial amount of illicit drugs and several dollars in cash.

Marcos was taken into custody and charged yet again with possession with intent to sell among other drug-related offenses. He's being held on $150,000 bond pending release or arraignment.

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