A Connecticut woman is facing charges after police say she defecated in a local cul-de-sac multiple times.

According to Fox News, police arrested 43-year-old Holly Malone of Simsbury last week in connection with three separate pooping incidents. The alleged pooping spree started November 7, according to authorities. There was a second alleged "deposit" reported in the same cul-de-sac November 17. This is when police realized they did not have an isolated incident on their hands, and there was a serial pooper roaming the streets.

Authorities say they installed a motion activated camera in the area of the first two incidents. Fast forward to December 5, and Holly Malone, according to cops, allegedly struck again with a NEW poop, which was caught on camera this time. She was arrested after an unrelated traffic stop. The police connected her vehicle to the heinous crime spree and the rest is doodie history as they say.

Holly Malone's reported explanation for her crime is that she is lactose intolerant and just could not make it home. She went on to say that her actions were "stupid."

Well, that is one way to put it. I'd go with "savage."

I will say, as a person with stomach problems, I can relate to having a "tough time" making it home on occasion. A "tough time" for sure, but I DO make it home. This is a moment in life where you need to dig deep, find a new gear, and do what is necessary to NOT drop deuces in friendly neighborhoods. Don't make a "you" problem an "us" problem, Holly. Allegedly.

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