If you live in central and western Connecticut, chances are you've been to an event at The Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville. Your prom, a wedding, a fundraiser for a local charity, you've probably eaten their legendary cuts of Prime Rib dozens of times, just like me.

Hundreds of events happened every night of the year at the venue, up until March of this year, when live events suddenly stopped everywhere in our world. The Aqua Turf held huge events every night, massive 200-300 person weddings, Geno Auriemma basically spoke there every Sunday night for the past 25 years.

Once Connecticut's pandemic restrictions were lifted in July, limited events were allowed to happen again at the Plantsville venue, until yesterday, when this was announced on their social media pages -

Some venues are equipped to carry on business as the colder weather approaches. I've read a couple of local ad campaigns urging us to bring blankets, so we can endure the 40-50 degree cold Connecticut November days.

The Aqua Turf Club has decided that smaller 100 person outdoor weddings, under heated tents, is just not economically feasible. They've decided to close their doors through the winter of 2020, and expect to resume business in March 2021. In the statement, they do say that some dates are available for 2021, and they will be currently booking events all the way into 2023, so be assured, they are not permanently closing. In fact, they make it a point to say that the facility will be open for tours, and someone will be available via phone calls or email to answer any of your questions.

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