Back in the day, this was not a question you would ask. It was offensive to ask, it's private and my choice, but today, it's offered when you bring up an unrelated topic, so I feel comfortable asking, who will you vote for?

Most of the people did not even open this link, they just sprayed diarrhea on the Facebook thread, so good on you for being smart enough to open the link and be part of the poll.

Let's break down the choices while we are here. One is more bubbly and the other is less bubbly and sweeter, so it's all a matter of preference.  This won't be easy and we have a great struggle in front of us, I believe (hope) that we will have record voter turnout in 2020.

What comes next is so important, do we have the self control to actually care enough about our children to accept the results of that election process? I don't see anything to indicate that we will.

We can choose to be "revolutionary" for our future generations, if you believe you are helping them. I don't believe anyone who calls for that is actually worried about the well-being of their children. You are worried about your ego, the things you have said to the opposition on Facebook.

The "with me, or against me" mentality will not make a bright future for America. Don't draw comparisons to the founding fathers of America, you are not them. They endured great sacrifice, were men and women of great faith, were principled and educated.

In our culture, there is nothing to indicate that a large group of people has that level of dedication, education, religion or self sacrifice to be noble. We can strive to have that culture but we are not close, it's time to do what is necessary to be heard and leave it there.

You thought this was about soda?

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