There was a fatal hit and run accident on Wolcott Street in Waterbury on Thursday evening, October 22, 2020, at around 8:14 PM.

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The 67 year old victim, a man, was struck while attempting to cross Wolcott Street, near the intersection of Wesco Road, according to

That's the area of Wolcott Street where the Pep Boys is, and the Fair Oaks Center Plaza. Police said that after the man was struck, the driver of the vehicle continued driving North, with the victim still on the hood, until the man fell off of the vehicle, onto Wolcott Street, as they turned onto Pritchard Road. The man was rushed to St. Mary's Hospital, where he passed on Sunday.


The Waterbury Police have just released a video of the vehicle suspected to be involved in the incident, and they've taken to their social media to request the public's assistance in helping to identify the driver.

The video is very grainy, but you can clearly see images of a white vehicle. This is the moment after the man was struck, you cannot see the victim, but you can clearly see the vehicle as it makes its turn onto Pritchard Road.

If you have any information, or may have been a witness of this accident, you are being asked to contact Officer Lee of the Traffic Services Accident Reconstruction Unit at 203-346-3975, or you could call the Waterbury Police Department at 203-574-6911.

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