It may take months or even years, but eventually, the truth will come out.

I wondered what other facts would come out about a plane crash in East Hartford Connecticut when I blogged about it in October:

Months later, the lone survivor, flight instructor, Arian Prevalla, speaks out about student pilot, Feras Freitekh. In a story from, East Hartford police reports became public on March 28, showing that Prevalla says his student may have crashed intentionally.

The Hartford Courant reports that instructor Arian Prevalla told police that his student became aggressive as they were getting ready to land at Brainard Airport. According to the police report, Prevalla had this to say about Freitekh on the day of the tragic accident:

He was doing everything wrong. His maneuvers were backwards and he was doing everything out of order.

The police account also indicates that student Feras Freitekh told Prevalla that he didn't want to fly anymore, didn't want to be a pilot, and even that it was his mom who wanted him to fly.

I have to think, since it was indicated that he'd been a student pilot for a long time, there was something going on. Also, since the plane crashed during the day in a busy neighborhood near Colt Street in East Hartford, it's a miracle that no one other than Freitekh died.

Reportedly, the instructor, Prevalla, told investigators that he screamed at Freitekh to release the controls to no avail. Prevalla told police Freitekh continued to fight with him over control of the aircraft.

While Arian Prevalla did suffer burns, it's amazing no one else got hurt. The story has no definitive closure at this time. The FBI is still the lead agency investigating the crash and according to, they have declined to release information.

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