Steven Seagal is a Renaissance man, an actor, musician, martial arts expert, police officer, spiritual leader and a citizen of many great nations.  These are phenomenal moments in the life and times of a global human treasure.

Steven Seagal effortlessly wipes out army of pre-teen Russian boys

He makes it look so simple, almost as if it were heavily choreographed. There is nothing at all that seems fishy about this. This is just an expert doing expert level things.

Police Officer Steven Seagal performs raid 

A quote from Steven: "As far as I'm concerned it was a perfect operation." Who would know better? Again, the man doesn't even break a sweat, he's a true marvel.

Steve Seagal arrests Terrell Owens 

The video really heats up around the :40 second mark. Steven remarks: :if you stop someone in a neighborhood like this, you never know what you are going to get into." Not long after that he and Terrell Owens are arguing on the street.

Russian citizen Steven Seagal defends Russia against collusion claims

The great Russian begins the defense of his nation at the 2:30 mark. Enjoy.

Steven Seagal taught UFC legend Anderson Silva his famous "front kick"

UFC History may have turned our very different if not for the teachings of Steven Segal. Of course Steven Seagal taught Anderson Silva how to kick but Steven is willing to admit he's not perfect saying: "I don't really keep track of space and time that well."

Steven Seagal to Vladimir Putin: "We'll talk later about the world" 

You know he knows Russian but he didn't want to show off in front of the cameras when meeting Vladimir Putin. Instead he told him in English that they'd basically talk later. You know that meeting was in all Russian and Seagal solved a lot of the worlds problems in short order.

Whether he's shredding the guitar, teaching, advising or just kicking and punching Steven Seagal is at his best whenever he is awake. Greatness like this only comes around like once every five hundred years. We are lucky enough to be alive to witness it.

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