Yes, this is me again.

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It's my petition. Yes, another one. The idea is pretty simple, I want Fairfield and Litchfield Counties to secede from the rest of CT. Here are the reasons I posted in my Change.Org petition:

The rest of Connecticut disrespects and/or ignores Fairfield and Litchfield Counties, we have a completely different vibe here and we identify more with New York. Most importantly, we send massive amount of tax dollars to Hartford and get very little back when we need it.

Is what I am proposing possible? Can it legally be done? I have no idea, but no one can really challenge the ideas I laid out. We send a metric F--- ton of tax dollars to Hartford and don't get a fair share back when we need it. The rest of the state disrespects or ignores us, so what the hell do we need them for?

The only real question is, should we form our own state, or join New York?

This is how revolutionary ideas are born. Start a conversation, this chatter is long overdue. Don't you want to be part of a nuisance? When this gets forwarded to Governor Lamont, don't you want your name attached to it?

Let's get loose, sign the petition, let's make some noise and get noticed. Our region is the one that actually makes CT a viable state, they're not capable of much without us so let's fire a warning shot.

Or don't sign it, I don't care.

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