The remake of "Pet Sematary" premiered at SXSW on Saturday and horror fans are loving it. I jumped outta my seat like a frightened rabbit just watching the trailer. Anything that has Stephen King's name on it always gets me.

Perri Nemiroff reviewed the film for Collider and had this to say:

Pet Sematary evokes the feeling that Widmyer and Kölsch knew exactly what they wanted to achieve with this adaptation and fully committed with confidence. I applaud them for the vision and dedication, and I also applaud the studio for letting them just go for it. Again, Pet Sematary isn’t striving to be an easy communal crowdpleaser. Just like the source material, it’s a movie with a real thoughtful mean streak that’ll chill you to the bone, and ensure you remain sufficiently on edge well after it concludes.

Grade: A-

That's some high praise right there my friend. I'll tell you something else, horror movies are making a serious comeback. Every time I turn around someone else is scaring me right outta my pants. You don't need pants when you are as scared as I am.

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