According to the NY Post, people are not only making sweet love to their robots, but some are actually falling in love with them.

Executives at RealDoll (link is not safe for work) told the Post that some of their customers are marrying their dolls and, "They are saving people's lives."

I don't know about the life saving, but I guess it's cool. I mean, if you are a lonely dude, this is a solution -- kind of. I'm all for the sex dolls and robots, but it begs one question -- where do you put it?

Like, let's say you have company coming over for dinner. Are you going to leave this thing out for everyone to see? That's psychotic. So, assuming you cannot leave it out, you have to hide it. That, to me, is equally creepy. You have this thing that's the size of a human body, that looks human, hidden under your bed? Stashed away in your closet? In the basement? Not for me. Some nosy bastard would find mine and I would have a lot of explaining to do.

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