According to CNN Business, fake commutes are on the rise with more and more employees calling home their office. People are not just getting in their car for a short drive but have also replaced their morning drive routine with short walks or even a jog.

The Senior Director of Practice Transformation and Quality at the American Psychological Association, Lynn Bufka, is quoted in the report saying:

The routine sets up for us, without having to think about what we're going to do next, Here is how my day is going to flow, It helps us ease from point A to point B.

I don't know how anyone is working from home. I couldn't do it and if I had to, I'd do a fake commute at minimum. I'd follow that up with a fake lunch break, a fake argument in the hall and even fake fall asleep at my desk.

I'd also have to fake make fun of my co-workers, fake ignore e-mails and fake clog the toilet in the men's bathroom.

I'm an extremely routine driven person and my rituals are sacred. At first, I'm sure people thought working in their pajamas would be great but I bet tons of them are sick of it.

Your home is designed for comfort and relaxation, your office is designed to keep you alert and working and neither is a good substitute for the other. Trust me, I've tried staying the night at the office in a snowstorm, that sucks too.

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