According to WREG, in Memphis, TN, a truck stop in Mississippi was the site of a shooting incident when a man was said to be not happy with his peach cobbler.

The report states a man named Logan Novascone made a stop for a Coke at Joe Joe's Travel Center on Wednesday. Logan says he saw Stanley Woodson cursing out a female employee of the truck stop.

Mr. Novascone says he intervened telling Woodson, "Dude, you aren't going to talk to them like that." This is when, according to police, Mr. Woodson allegedly went to his car popped the trunk, pulled out a gun and started shooting. The good Samaritan, Logan Novascone, was reportedly hit by one of the bullets, taken to the hospital, treated, and is doing fine.

The gunman was taken into custody by police and has been charged with attempted murder. So, what was Stanley Woodson so upset about to begin with? What would make him yell at the employee? According to the report, he was not loving the peach cobbler he purchased at the truck stop. Apparently, the cobbler did not have enough peaches for Stanley.

I love peaches as much as the next guy, but I don't think any cobbler, anywhere is necessary to shoot at people over. Call me crazy, but it sounds like there is more than meets the eye with ole' Stanley here. I'm going to say that a lack of peaches in his cobbler is not Stanley's only problem.

I'm happy to hear that the man who was shot has recovered and is doing well. By the way, when Novascone was asked if he would do this kind of thing again he said, "I would do it again, 100 percent."

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