"Social media fashion influencers." I just got a knot in my stomach writing those words. This is a person who makes nothing, creates nothing, does nothing and gets paid. They tell people what they wear and like. They get money and free products in exchange for that.

It seems like Payless Shoe Source doesn't think much of this group either because they went to great lengths to make them look foolish. Payless set up a fake, luxury footwear store in L.A. They put their very inexpensive shoes in the store with a new name on them, they called them "Palessi." In one case they marked a shoe up from $35 to $645 dollars. The influencers not only spent money but raved about the shoes.

I don't know about you but that brought me so much joy. This is a fantastic prank, they brought the noise to a group that would not be caught dead in a Payless store. What would be even more amazing is if we could trust that their followers could understand what just happened.

What I mean by that is, their credibility was just dashed on national TV and it won't make a difference. The people who follow them will chuckle but they won't know why it's so amazingly funny. They will still blindly follow their Instagram pages to figure out how to dress themselves. It's a bummer but it's the truth, not one of these "influencers" will be damaged by this.

Bravo Payless, Bravo.

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