Philadelphia fans faced off against New England fans in a massive rivalry during the most recent Superbowl back in February, but this was no rivalry in fact quite the opposite.

A dyed in the wool Philadelphia Eagles fan, Patricia Pizzimenti, was in dire need of a kidney, her daughter in-law offered to donate but could not, as she wasn’t a match reports WTNH TV.

However a man Patricia didn’t know, John Houlihan, stepped forward and offered to donate a kidney to her, just as her daughter in-law decided to donate to a man she did not know. Oh the irony here. The man who was donating to the Eagles fan in need is a dyed in the wool Patriots fan.

They had not met until well after the surgeries at Yale New Haven hospital where it all took place. What’s really funny here is the T-Shirt each wore. His says: Can you believe I gave a kidney to an Eagles fan? Patricia's says: can you believe I took a kidney from a Patriots fan? Watch the awesome video:

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