According to the NY Post the Serbian town of Kikinda is known as the "City of Owls." They even have a statue celebrating the abundance of long eared owls that call the region home. The statue, pictured above has sparked outrage and protest for it's unique shape.

Critics say it's clearly has a phallic design and want it removed because it will make Kikinda a laughing stock. The Post reached out to Jovan Blat who is the sculptor of the art but he never returned those calls.

Here's my deal, it looks like a giant wang with a owl head for sure and I don't care. I mean, art, right? Also, life is short man, we gotta laugh or what are we doing here? In fact, I'd like to see more animal/penis hybrid statues, maybe the artist can do a series of them? His thrilling sequel to the Kikinda statue could be a wolf for instance.

So, what do you think? Owl or ding-a-ling? Do you care?

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