Jim Laughren is a "writer, thinker and a drinker." Jim is the author of three books, his latest being "50 Ways to Love Wine More." If you are a wine novice or aficionado the new book has insight you will appreciate. We reached out to Jim to find how how it's possible we can love wine more? I also wanted find out how in the hell I can find a Rosé I can rely on and why he says we should not feel insecure about our purchases or preferences. Jim joined us on on the Ethan & Lou Show Wednesday (6/9/20) to answer all of our questions.

This dude is alright in my book, I mean he's the author but I have a book. In it, there are two columns with names. One column is titled "People who suck ass" and the other is titled "Alright in my book," his name is in the "alright" section.

What we know is that Jim loves his wine and can talk about it for days and now I know that the solution to my rosé problem has been staring me in the face the whole time. I need to do what Jim said and go back to the source, back to Hopkins Vineyard where I got that delicious rosé I've been chasing for so long.

Be sure to check out Jim's website where you can purchase "50 Ways to Love Wine and More," check out his other books and see the wine adnetures that are responsible for his ideas and opinions about wine. His book is also available on Amazon or wherever you buy books.

P.S. While I'm digging this dude and how he's figured out how to make wine consumption a profession I'm also jealous and want to kick him in the stones. 

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