I-95's Ethan and Lou spoke with award winning documentary filmmaker, Lesley Chilcott, about her new documentary series "Helter Skelter: An American Myth." While most of us believe we know all there is to know about the chilling murder spree carried out by Charles Manson and Family, Lesley says there is more to the story.

Figures as evil as Charles Manson rarely, if ever show any remorse. What was particularly chilling and disgusting about him is that he doubled down as he got older. Before he died, almost every year, a TV News magazine would go interview him in jail and with a smile on his face, he'd tell us all how proud of himself he was.

I am eagerly anticipating Lesley's take on the Charles Manson and family story. We can't look away from evil, we need to remember these horrible stories so we know what to look for in the future and in life. The six part documentary series "Helter Skelter: An American Myth" debuts on the EPIX network on July 26 2020.

More on Lesley Chilcott:

P.S. Since we are a Classic Rock radio station, it's my duty to encourage you to watch the rock cult documentary Lesley produced called: "It Might Get Loud." I am not a huge fan of rock documentaries, but this had my attention from start to finish, it's a splendid film, done to perfection.

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