Join me and Jeff Drucker from MAX Wine & Spirits in Danbury, CT as we take it to the MAX! What will Jeff tempt me with this time? Check out the video to find out! It's "Mixing It Up" with Pam Brooks.

Here's part 4 of the ongoing series: "Mixing it up with Pam Brooks"

Time to learn how to make a new coffee drink. Jeff Drucker, store manager and Wine Director at MAX Wine & Spirits in Danbury, dubbed it the Young American Coffee in honor of the late music icon David Bowie.

The Brown Jug Spirits Bourbon Cream Liquor, Henry McKenna Kentucky Bourbon, Jim Beam Maple and Creole Bitters can can be purchased at MAX Wine & Spirits on 40A Mill Plain Road in Danbury Connecticut. 203-792-7777

Add in Coffee, whipped cream, All-Spice and you're ready to enjoy! Jeff served ours over ice, but I recreated it at home with hot coffee and it was excellent!


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