If you, a friend, or a family member has had a brush with suicide, please join us this Sunday for Danbury's Out of the Darkness Walk.

To be brutally honest, my son, Ethan James attempted suicide twice, many years ago. He told me that the reason he was in such a dark place was because he saw "no way out of his horrible situation" at that time in his life. Ethan unfortunately has a mental illness called, Borderline Personality Disorder, which I've blogged about many times over the last three years because his mother and I have lived through it.

EJ, Mindy, and Ethan Carey
EJ, Mindy, and Ethan Carey

Two of the effects of BPD can be drug addiction and attempted suicide. Thank God EJ was able to fight back from his heroin addiction and his BPD by seeking treatment and is finally able to pursue his passion of writing and performing his music. Both my son, EJ and I will be at the 'Out of the Darkness Walk' this Sunday at Tarrywile Park. Registration begins at 9am and the walk will kick-off at 10:30am and will finish up by 12 noon. Click this link to register.

By taking part in the walk, you're helping thousands of walkers across the country raise awareness and money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. You can help fight suicide. If you attend the walk this Sunday, feel free to approach my son, Ethan. He will gladly tell you his story. He is one big mountain of inspiration!

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