I asked our listeners to bring one of two items to our live broadcast this morning at City Center Danbury. It was a contest called "Bring a Thing." In exchange for showing up with the item the listener would get a three day pass to Mountain Jam. I asked them to bring either an I-95 "Drastic Plastic" card from back in the day. That was a rewards card we used to have and many listeners have them to this day. The other item was a Sega Genesis video game.

I thought for sure we would get the "Drastic Plastic" card and I really did not think we would get a Sega game but that is when Anne walked through the door with a Sonic the Hedgehog game. So cool. It brought me back in time, a simpler time. Back in the day we would play video games only when the weather was bad.

Sega Genesis was a big deal then. It made me think of my favorite Genesis games of all time. Here are the top 3:

1 - NBA LIVE - Without question the best basketball game in video game history. The layout for the game was way ahead of it's time. It changed sports video games forever. For the clunky graphics of the day the game really was very smooth.

2 - Madden - This if I remember correctly was the first video game format where the now famous video game appeared and we played it a lot.

3 - Toe Jam and Earl - It was super weird. If you don't know it, you need to know it.

Congrats to Anne for playing the game to it's fullest. She is headed off to Mountain Jam for the weekend to see Tom Petty, The Steve Miller Band and Peter Frampton.


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