"Dry January" is a popular New Year's resolution where folks ward off alcohol for the month. Many of those people have already given up. According to YouGov 3 in 10 Americans who have made this resolution have failed. Some of those who have given up will continue to attempt to at least scale back their drinking while 5% are giving up all together.

I feel like the Spring time is a much better time for a resolution, you have improved weather and the beach body incentive working to your advantage. In contrast, making a resolution for the New Year comes with some mental obstacles. You are heading into the worst weather of the year, will be wearing baggy clothes for awhile and have less outdoor activities to participate in.

This is how it really goes for most of us, right before Thanksgiving we switch from either beer or white wine to red wine. That lasts about a week and we are onto bourbon and champagne until the New Year. The New Year comes, we make a "dry" resolution and two days later we are drinking Bushmill's nips out of a hobo's shoe and it stays that way until March. Stay thirsty my friends, it's malaise season. #malaisefordays




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