I've been working on Federal Road in Brookfield since 2006, and I noticed something this morning that made me sad, one of our longtime neighbors quietly packed it in for good, the landmark business has permanently closed.

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Beverly's Antiques was in business for 40 years at 900 Federal Road in Brookfield, it was a tiny antiques store located right next to the long-vacant Garden of Bead In. The store was filled to the brim inside, with stacks of Fiestaware, porcelain miniatures, pottery, ceramics, and lots of old books to browse through on your way back from a lazy Sunday at the Elephant's Trunk. I stopped in a few times over the years because I noticed that over the past decade, the store was open less frequently, only on weekends as time went on, and I wanted to help support my neighbor.

On one of those trips, I found an old Empire Strikes Back glass that McDonald's put out in the early 1980's, and I was so thrilled. That find was not something that could have happened at any major retailer in the US, it could have only happened at a a thrift/Antique store, or an online retailer.

From what I can gather from auctionninja.com, Beverly decided that after 40 years in business 'It was time to move on', and a 4 day liquidation sale happened on site in August 2023. A new set of massive condos or apartments are being built right now on Federal Road near the 4 Corners, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the former Bean In and Beverly's are ripped down, so burn this image into your memory.


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