I love town-to-town comparisons and I thought I'd heard them all until today.

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I've asked the question, which town in CT is the best? I've examined the richest, the ones with the tallest buildings, best sandwiches and amazing hiking trails but the hottest never crossed my mind until now.

A-Z Animals just published the answer in their "Discover the Absolute Hottest Place in CT" article and the result may surprise you, it's Danbury. According to A-Z:

Danbury is the hottest place in Connecticut, with an average maximum summer temperature of 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, it has an average minimum summer temperature of 61.5 degrees Fahrenheit. There are usually around 16 days per year where temperatures in Danbury exceed 90℉ and one day annually where temperatures rise over 100 degrees! In fact, the highest temperature ever recorded in the city was a whopping 106 degrees on July 15th, 1995.

So there it is, the next time you're roasting on the sidewalk in Danbury talking with a friend about how hot it is you can drop this science on them. Say:"hey bro did you know Danbury is the hottest place in the entire State of Connecticut?" When they call you a liar just pull up this link and stick it in their face. '

The More you Know, the more you can stick phones in your friend's faces. 

Adorable little runs runs through a spalsh pad

I was convinced my back and chest were the absolute two hottest surfaces on Planet Earth on Sunday morning. Not only was it hot as balls but I'd put down a good portion of a bottle of tequila the night before and the only way out was three Powerades, a cold shower and a cheeseburger.

We talked about this on the Tuesday (8/8/23) edition of the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Show, listen below.

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