Remember that spinning merry-go-round from back in the day made of pure steel?

That piece of steel that went around in a circle powered by your legs and maybe the legs of three other friends, could whip around going 30mph. If you lost your grip, you'd hit the ground hard and get bumped around a little bit, and then you'd get right back up and do it again. You know what? NOBODY DIED.

What about the steel slide on the school playground that sat in the sun all day getting nice and hot just waiting for that first kid to climb on. You'd hear a wailing scream as your buddy's legs began to bake as they touched the 100 degree steel heat. You know what? Nobody died.

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Let us not forget those good old fashioned monkey bars that were built over concrete or asphalt to make your fall an adventure.

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Ahh yes, my favorite of them all: Tetherball! This game was played with usually two players, one hitting the ball clockwise, and the other hitting the ball counter clockwise. The player who manages to wind the ball around the pole so that it's stopped by the rope, wins the game. We all know the real object of the game of tetherball was to smack your friend in the face with the ball causing a concussion. You know what? I don't think anyone died.