Almost every major network in the country will stop what they are doing and carry the OJ Simpson parole hearing today. The world will watch to see if OJ gets paroled and according to experts he stands a very good chance of being freed. Everyone in the know says that he has been a model prisoner.

Whooptie freaking doo. What else can be said about the guy that has not already been said? What else can be observed that has not been observed? What angle has not been taken on OJ Simpson? The answer...NOTHING.

The guy is a bad dude who literally got away with murder. I must say though a parole hearing for a sports memorabilia crime is not moving the dial for me. I have nothing to learn from this whatsoever.

I think the networks that carry this thing are not going to get the ratings they hope they are. I'll be watching Netflix when this is on. PASS.

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