I'm not a gambling man, giving my hard earned money to someone with no guarantee of ever seeing it again is just not appealing. I am however a realist and that side of me says I've wasted $20 on dumber things than a bet. If I bet $20 dollars on the Giants now and they somehow pull off what everyone believes is impossible and win the Super Bowl, I make $4,000. I don't know how I pass this opportunity up.

Yeah the Giants defense has more holes than Swiss cheese and sure they have no real plan for transitioning away from Eli Manning to Daniel Jones but it's 200/1! Can I say the Giants have no chance of winning it all? I cannot say that, they are in a bad division with a game changing running back in Saquon Barkley. What if they sneak into the playoffs and get hot at the right time?

If the stars align and I had the foresight to plunk down $20 before the season, I get 4 G's and would have one hell of a fun time spending it. Now I just need to get authorization from the boss (my wife) to essentially waste twenty bucks. The odds on that are worse than the chance the Giants do actually win the Super Bowl.

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