Being a fan of any team is rarely rewarding. Even if your a Patriots fan, they don't win every single year. In that way, it's a dopey way to spend your time. You spend all year rooting for a team that likely won't win the whole thing.

I'm a Raiders fan and yesterday was a joke. This team deserves every bit of ridicule they get. They showed 0 fight, 0 respect for their fan base and 0 respect for themselves with their play. They were an embarrassment to anyone who dares to wear silver and black. Al Davis is rolling over in his grave and for good reason, this team sucks.

They should not suck, they are loaded with raw talent at all of the offensive skill positions. Last year they showed football fans they are fully capable of beating any team on any given Sunday. Yesterday was one of the worst losses I've ever seen watching this team.

The receiving core deserves the lions share of the blame but there is plenty to go around. Someone catch a football that hits you in the hands or in the chest. That was just an absolute clown show.

There are a lot of people who went South of the Border and lived to regret it. I mean a road trip to Tijuana can get wild. This trip to Mexico was wasteful, so was my time spent watching it. In case you did not know, the Oakland Raiders are bad at football. They are bad at throwing, catching, blocking, tackling, you name it, they suck at it.

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