After a string of recent attacks against subway riders in Brooklyn and Manhattan, the Guardian Angels are increasing patrols in NYC. According to CBS New York, the most recent incident took place Sunday when authorities say a man was pushed. onto the tracks.

The 29 year old man was reportedly able to pull himself back onto the platform and did not sustain any serious injuries. It was not the first incident of it's kind recently, the "subway shoves" have become serial lately in NYC.

Enter the Guardian Angels and Curtis Sliwa increasing patrols around NY. The Angels were founded by Sliwa back in 1979. At the time they were considered a vigilante organization in an environment of grit, fear and constant crime in Gotham City.

According to The Hill, there were 250 felonies a week on the subway system in 1979 so the "Angels" became a welcome sight to NYC residents and commuters alike. Forty plus years later Sliwa is a New York icon and has reaped the rewards of founding the Angels.

Curtis has had a radio show in some form or fashion for 30 years and has been a contributor on many cable news TV shows. Now, at the age of 66 he's back on the NYC streets with a brand new generation of Guardian Angels.

I've been thinking of starting my own Guardian Angels, type organization for the streets of Danbury, CT. There is not that much of a need here in the Hat City but I just want to walk around in a sweet hat and stop crime.

I really like walking at night, in urban settings. Maybe I won't start a crime stopping organization, instead something closer to an evening walking club. That sounds a bit more reasonable.

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