Here we go again with Costco. The popular, big box membership-only store has lots of comforts and consistencies we can always count on. We also love the insane variety of items and services it offers.

From tires to groceries, clothing, furniture, electronics, jewelry, and books all under one warehouse roof, it doesn't matter if you're in Norwalk or Westchester. It's easy to spend hours meandering through the aisles. The list above doesn't even cover everything.

However, one thing you can now exclude is that massive table of books.

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Crazy, right? I mean, I know that plenty of people read on their tablets versus actually opening up a book, but that's not why Costco is getting rid of books at their stores nationwide.

The huge selection of books will still be a joy of Costco shopping, but only from September through December during the holiday season.

According to the Eat This, Not That, this all starts in January of 2025.

They require too much work to stock. To avoid using critical time and labor to restock them on shelves, Costco usually sells products directly off the shipping pallets. However, Costco workers are required to organize and lay out books by hand as new reads arrive at the retailer constantly.

The other issue that's so time-consuming is that any book not sold has to be packed up and returned, which understandably requires even more labor for the employees.

Well at least we have the fall and winter to enjoy that massive table of books that has been a favorite for so long.

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