Damn it. My car is filthy and I really want to get it washed. I guess Mother Nature will take care of it for me, if the end of the week forecast is correct.

My vehicle is disgustingly dirty — has been since January. Every time I think about taking it to the car wash, we get hit with more nasty weather. At this rate, I'm thinking it'll be shiny again maybe around early May.

First Alert Meteorologist, Ryan Hanrahan, reporting for nbcconnecticut.com says a Nor'easter could be hitting the state by some time Thursday. While it's still a ways out, it looks like the modules are showing some nasty weather headed our way. Ah, Winter in New England, why must you be so Winter like?

According to the story on nbcconnecticut.com, the storm track points to heavy rain, strong winds and coastal flooding. The report says that there isn't a whole lot of cold air impacting this potential storm but Hanrahan adds that as this giant atmospheric block over Greenland sets us up for a sizable nor'easter, heavy snow is a possibility for many valley and shoreline locations around the state, but rain seems more likely at this point.

Then again, Thursday and Friday is still a long way off, and you know Mother Nature can change on a dime. As for my vehicle, call me cheap,but I think it's going to stay really dirty for awhile longer.

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