It was just a couple of days away from the Memorial Day weekend when the ruling came down.

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Just in case it wasn't made clear, all Connecticut State Park beaches along the shoreline are opened for swimming but swimming is NOT allowed at all INLAND state park beaches which includes Squantz Pond State Park in New Fairfield.

DEEP stated in a news release on the Hartford Courant website that due to the potential for "on-shore crowding" inland beaches will be closed until further notice. DEEP also said that this has nothing to do with the risk of COVID-19 transmission in freshwater.

This means there is no swimming at any of the town beaches that surround Candlewood Lake. Other beaches that are closed for swimming are Lake Waramaug State Park and Kettletown State Park in Southbury.

Town officials surrounding Candlewood Lake came to an agreement to keep their beaches closed before DEEP issued their amended set of guidelines. They all agreed that small-town beaches make it difficult for social distance safety.

New Fairfield Town Park - CLOSED
New Fairfield Town Park - CLOSED

I've noticed that as you're approaching New Fairfield by car driving up Rt.37 from Danbury there's one of those electronic portable signs that read, "No swimming, picnicking or walk-ins allowed at Squantz Pond State Park." It certainly sends the message but not in a very hospitable friendly manner.

DEEP has stated they are monitoring the situation and if you're planning on visiting a park, it should be for solitary recreation, not group activities. They want you to know that Kent Falls State Park and Seaside State Park in Waterford will remain closed indefinitely.

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