Have you ever driven down a road and were thankful that it's over with? I feel that way every time I drive along Torrington's Migeon Avenue. There are more dips and valleys down the length of that road, it's impossible to drive over 20MPH at times without bruising your kidneys. Good news, it's going to be reconstructed this Summer.

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According to Mayor Elinor Carbone and the City of Torrington, the city is developing plans to reconstruct Migeon Ave during the Summer of 2024. The project will consist of road reconstruction, paving, new curbing, and sidewalk replacement. The project's goal is to provide a a safer corridor for pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic. If you'd like to see a sneak preview of an early vision of the future of Migeon Avenue, the public is invited to attend a virtual presentation via Zoom on Thursday, February 15 at 6:30PM. More info and a link to the meeting can be found by clicking HERE.

Torrington's Public Works Department has been working hard, with the new Greenway through the South End to Coe Park, and the new sidewalks on 202 between Burger King and the YiaYia's kitchen area, Migeon Ave desperately needed a re-do.

In other Torrington news, while I have you here - The owners of the new Clevelands Country Store of Torrington, Chris and John Casanova, announced on their social media that the soft Grand Opening of their store at the former Carbone's Market at 221 Oak Avenue is happening this Sunday, February 11, 2024 from 9AM - 6PM. Just in time for the 49ers-Chiefs.

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