Yesterday will go down as one of the most memorable Sunday's in football history for me. Easily the craziest thing that happened was Buffalo Bills corner Vontae Davis retiring during halftime of the Bills 31-20 loss to the Chargers. He retired DURING the game! I guess you can't blame the guy, he plays for the Bills. I wonder what the Bills Mafia thought when the news broke?

Then you have Patrick Mahomes. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback threw for six touchdowns.

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If you add the six he threw yesterday with the four TD's he threw in week one that makes ten touchdowns after two weeks of football and yes, it's an NFL record.

If you watched the Packers and Vikings, you know that was a controversial, S--- show that ended in a 21-21 tie.

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This game had a million missed field goals, a questionable roughing the passer penalty and Aaron Rodgers and Kirk Cousins combined for 706 yards of passing. After two weeks in the NFL we have had two ties, the Steelers and Browns did it last week. Can't remember that ever happening.

Sunday also featured one of the most blatant cheap shots in recent memory. A fight broke out in the Panthers/Falcons game after Damontae Kazee blasted Cam Newton in the head while he was sliding.

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Kazee was ejected from the game. It's frowned upon in the NFL to go both "helmet to helmet" AND hit a QB while sliding.

Finally, like a thief in the night Blake Bortles swoops in and rips week 2 away from the Patriots.

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The game was not working out the way Tom Brady wanted so he screamed at his teammates like a child and I laughed and laughed.

Bortles threw for four touchdown passes, 377 yards and was barely touched all day. The Jags made the Patriots look like clowns yesterday and Bortles was the key to that. How much winning does Blake Bortles need to do to get respect, I wonder? There is not one NFL analyst who is willing to call this guy what he is, a top QB in the NFL.

Retirement, cheap shots, bad calls, whining, fighting, shredding, ties and a 22 year old putting up video game numbers. I love the football, I love the football a lot.