When it comes to social distancing boundaries, police say one Newtown woman took matters into her own hands, and if it's true, it could land her behind bars.

According to Newtown police by way of patch.com, 40-year-old Martine Shanchuck of Sandy Hook was shopping at Big Y supermarket when she reportedly encountered another shopper who was going the wrong way down one of the aisles, which were clearly marked to keep traffic flowing and to avoid social distancing issues.

According to the report, after she warned the man to turn around and was ignored, she allegedly felt compelled to enforce Big Y's aisle rules on her own, and when the man did not turn around and head the right way, she blocked the aisle, removed her mask, and spit on him.

After the incident escalated, Newtown police were called to the scene and arrested Shanchuk, charging her with breach of peace in the second degree, which is a misdemeanor, but if convicted does carry a six month jail sentence and a $1000 fine.

Shanchuk was not taken into immediate custody, and was released based on a written promise to appear in court in July.

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