The Newtown Police Department believes they've uncovered the truth behind a very disturbing incident that was reported last month (Jan. 21).

According to a press release, police are alleging that the owner of Rooster Wines and Liquors on Main Street in Newtown, 39-year-old Southington resident, Scott Young, set his own store on fire in order to collect insurance money.

You may remember that this story began in late January when we reported that the NPD was looking for answers while they investigated the scene where Young claimed that there were two men that came into the storefront, and one reportedly asked for help with a particular product. He said that the other man brandished a gun, walked the petrified store owner to counter and stole a large amount of cash before fleeing to the rear of the store, and started a fire before disappearing.

During the initial investigation, officers from the Connecticut State Police K-9 Unit reportedly saw a racial slur and two swastikas painted on the rear door of the building. Police now believe that the markings where made my Scott Young in an attempt to further cover up that fact that he himself started the fire.

The Newtown PD says that they worked "endless hours" along side the State Police, the State's Fire Investigations Unit, and the Newtown Fire Marshal's office to prepare the arrest warrant for the accused store owner. The statement released from the department says:

Chief Viadero commended the officers and agencies involved for a thorough and quick conclusion to such a disturbing crime. The fact that Mr. Young used racial epithets and symbolism to cover up a crime was extremely disturbing to not only the community, but all the agency’s involved. Such an incident unnerves the community and we are thankful we could bring the incident to a successful resolution and put everyone’s concern at ease.

Scott Young has been charged with first degree arson, insurance fraud, criminal mischief, reckless endangerment, providing a false statement, and interfering with a police officer.


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