The Newtown Police Department has reported a bizarre series of events that left authorities searching for answers late Saturday night (Jan. 21).

A press release from the Newtown PD says that at around 8:30 PM (Jan. 21) officers responded to Rooster Wines and Liquors on South Main Street on a report of a robbery.

According to the report, when the officers arrived, they spotted a fire burning near the back of the building, which the FD distinguished.

From there, an owner of Rooster Wines and Liquors claimed that prior to the fire, there were two men that came into the storefront, and one reportedly asked for help with a particular product. It was then that the other man brandished a gun, walked the petrified store owner to counter, and stole a large amount of cash.

The suspected robbers then fled to the rear of the store, and allegedly started a fire before disappearing, which forced the proprietor to smash a nearby window in order to get out of harm's way.

After investigating the scene, officers from the Connecticut State Police K-9 Unit reportedly saw a racial slur and two swastikas painted on the rear door of the building. The owner of Rooster Wines and Liquors says that those markings were not there at all before the robbery, thus leading authorities to believe that the suspects of the robbery and fire are to blame for that as well.

The Newtown Police Department Patrol Division and Detective Division are investigating the incident with help from both the State PD's Major Crime and Fire Marshall Units.

Anyone who may have information on this incident is asked to contact the Newtown Police Department immediately at 203-426-5841.

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