According to FOX 61, a nursing home called Newtown Rehab and Health Care has been found in violation of health and safety standards.

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The article states the facility received an order of immediate jeopardy: which reportedly means "that state inspectors found something so bad it presented a risk of serious injury or death."

Newtown First Selectman Dan Rosenthal joined us on the I-95 Morning Show Tuesday (1/24/23) and we asked him about the issue. We read Rosenthal a quote from the FOX 61 article, asked him what role, if any, his office plays in the issue and what his opinion is? This was the First Selectman's response:

"Obviously, it's always a concern so its not like I am a disinterested party, they are really regulated by the state. So, our Health Director did have some contact in the matter so we spoke about it, Naturally, I did talk to some folks in the public about it, it is a serious issue, no doubt. They've been a long-standing service provider in our town. Under previous management, my grandfather spent some time there before he passed away years ago. There is no understating the seriousness of it especially when families send loved ones to a place for care and people that are unable to perhaps advocate for themselves. So, they are there and families hope and pray that people are well taken care of. I think in this case, the best I understand is it has to do with staffing which is something we're hearing everywhere. Certainly, they have to do better, they're under the state's thumb now and my hope is that they will."

You can listen to the answer he gave below.

We covered a lot more than that with Mr. Rosenthal. The First Selectman also answered questions about Fairfield Hills and the fate of the old Newtown Police Department, listen below.

My favorite clip was when we asked Mr. Rosenthal what character would he be from the Breakfast Club?

Exploring the Aftermath of the Hideous Inferno at Newtown’s McGuire’s Ale House

According to our earlier reports, the Hawleyville Volunteer Fire Company was the first on the scene, followed by Newtown Hook & Ladder 114. The Firefighter battled a massive blaze at the Newtown building that was once McGuire’s Ale House and Hot Shots II. The F.D.’s brought in an attack line, to fight against the flames and the roof came down.
The dramatic day became big news with locals sharing pictures and videos all over social media. While the Fire Departments were able to finish off the flames, the building was destroyed. 

Behind the Walls of CT's Abandoned Norwich State Hospital

In this day and age, mental health treatment is serious business and in most cases, patients are treated with care and respect. This was not always the case in the U.S. and hospitals dedicated to the "mentally ill" became prisons that regularly conducted torture. America is now littered with shuttered hospitals decaying from the inside and the outside. Many believe these places still contain the dark energy left behind by the gruesome acts of the past. One of these places in Norwich State Hospital. 

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Photo: Aurora Photography
Photo: Aurora Photography

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