She placed politics aside and led the Sandy Hook and Newtown communities with her heart because she knew what it was like to lose a child.

Newtown's First Selectman, Pat Llordra, will be retiring in November after eight years in office. Politicians, teachers, and parents continue to praise her leadership skills after the heinous Sandy Hook shootings in December of 2012. Sandy Hook attorney, Monte Frank said it best when he told the NewsTimes

Pat led the community through the darkest period of time Newtown ever faced and among the worst times any community has faced and she did it with dignity and grace. That is the hallmark of a great leader.

I personally remember that during those horrible weeks following the shootings, I invited Pat on the morning show a couple of times to address the citizens of Newtown and Sandy Hook, knowing full well she would turn down our interview requests. Pat Llordra comforts, leads, and guides the people she governs by talking with them one-on-one. Tragically, Pat Llordra lost her adult daughter in 2009, but her grief taught her that the key to good leadership is the heart. When she retires in November, Llordra plans on writing a novel and traveling with her husband of 54 years, Robert.

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