How do you feel about people escaping New York City to purchase homes in Connecticut?

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Consider this, New York City has been one of the top hot spots for the spread of the Coronavirus in the country, and now, according to an article on, real estate agents in Fairfield County have been seeing a hefty uptick in home sales.

Real estate agents are saying that buyers are all of a sudden popping up over the last couple of weeks, trying to move out of the city. According to a friend of mine, award-winning realtor, Angelina Valentini from the Valentini Group at, sales are through the roof! She told me she had three closings just today alone.

She also explained that many of the buyers are from the New York City area and are looking at Connecticut because of the charm, the excellent schools, the many parks, and of course, Candlewood Lake. She also told me that New Yorkers are not just shopping extravagant homes but are also looking at raised ranches and colonials.

Wealthy New Yorkers are looking to buy because of the population crunch in New York City, which can make social distancing challenging. They just want to feel safe for themselves and their children. Holly Giardano who's an agent at William Pitt Sotheby's and works the Weston, Ridgefield and Wilton areas explained,

There was such an initial rush on all the rentals that there's hardly any left. It's just been a tidal wave.



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