Zippia conducted a study to determine what the favorite alcohol is for each state on New Years Eve. They examined Google Trends with a starting point of 30 popular drinks to get these results.

Connecticut's top alcoholic beverage for New Year's Eve turned out to be Prosecco. In the least surprising news to come out of the study, 21 states prefer champagne on the calendar holiday, including our neighbors in New York and New Jersey.


Wisconsin's top choice is ridiculous, they are out there drinking mulled wine. I don't even know what that is but it sounds awful.

It sounds like boxed wine that has chunks of sweet meat floating in it. Pull your lives together Wisconsin, Aaron Rodgers will win the MVP, you don't need to drink yourself to sleep with mulled wine. Have some champagne like a grown up and stop it already.

Whatever you choose to drink on New Years Eve, I want you to consider a few things. If you are not a person that drinks very much on a normal basis, don't do it on New Years.

I call New Years Eve amateur hour, every year I can set my watch to 11:25 pm and at that time, I can easily identify three to four lightweights that are in the throws of embarrassing themselves.

New Years Eve is a great time to learn what others think of you, and you can, if you are sober enough. People rarely expound on their perception of you, but I've found that on this particular holiday, you can find out the truth.

You stay sober, wait for 11:25 pm, you don't have to do anything but wait, they will come to you. They will tell you one of the following things:

  • They have always found you attractive.
  • You made a bad first impression on them but they "LOVE YOU NOW."
  • You slighted them in some way and they have been harboring resentment about it.

Trust me when I tell you that this moment is way more entertaining than actually getting S--- faced yourself. Happy New Year weirdos.

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