Here's one more reason why Connecticut is an idyllic place to live, especially around the holidays. On Saturday evening, December 16th, the festivities began at 6:30 pm on New Milford's Village Green with Christmas Carol singing, and then as hundreds waited on the green, "What to my wondering eyes should appear," but trucks of all shapes and sizes spreading holiday cheer!

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It was a sight to behold with fire engines, pickups, tractors, and Jeeps draped in holiday lights single file up New Milford's Main Street.  Moms, dads, and kids, with their eyes all aglow, Shouted "Merry Christmas" to each truck in a row!

Witnessing New Milford's 'Parade of Lights' for the first time with our son Matt and our two grandkids, Winnie and Bradley, was such a treat. This was always their mom Kelly's all-time favorite holiday, and we could feel her presence and her love.

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Gallery Credit: Ethan Carey

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