In my opinion, Connecticut has a serious road rage problem.

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I live in the Greater-Danbury area and whenever I am in the car I see at least one high-speed beef. There appears to be a lot of anger and danger out there but I don't know how bad it is for sure, or at least I didn't.

According to News 12, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the State of Connecticut ranks #2 nationally for road rage crashes that resulted in a fatality. Reading stats doesn't do it justice, being caught in one of these situations is the worst, your heart races, your blood boils and you're just trying to keep your family safe.

Look what happened in New Milford just the other day. Dyllan sent me this video of another driver raging out on him.

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That is quite the rage face and according to a recent Facebook thread others have been on the receiving end of it.

Lora said: "This guy is the same one who cut me off on super 7 this past summer. He kept slamming on his brakes and then got beside me at a light and was doing obscene gestures."

Alaina said: "Looks like the same guy who was in the left turn lane by big y but cut me off to go straight instead, then waited for me in the parking lot yelling and swearing at me." 

Michaela wrote: "Dan is this the guy that reversed into us?" 

I know this is a serious topic but can we just pause and take another look?

Dyllan Munson
Dyllan Munson

Michael Raymond Added this: "this is what he said for sure."

Dyllan Munson/Michael Raymond
Dyllan Munson/Michael Raymond

Lou Milano said: "This is what he probably said.."

Photo: Dyllan Munson Written by: Lou Milano
Photo: Dyllan Munson
Written by: Lou Milano

Austin M wrote: "He looks like a good time."

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But that is just one person, he can't be behind every road rage incident in the state. The evidence that Connecticut roadways are unsafe is all around us. Here are some unrelated incidents shared on CT social media accounts:

Jennifer wrote: "I was coming from the mall and witnessed a black 5 series BMW sedan going 90-100 MPH passing everyone until it got stuck behind a car in the fast lane going towards NM on Super 7. it then proceeded to get in front of the car and brake check and come to a full stop on the highway, with 4 cars behind him. Then got off onto Federal Road and go through Brookfield on Grey’s Bridge Rd! I wish the State Trooper was sitting right by where they did this on the highway, but nope not this time! This insane behavior has got to stop."

CT reddit post from zmayo10: "I drive all over the northeast for work. CT is definitely the most aggressive state. I think over congested roadways produce pissed off drivers. CT is had too many two lane highways for the current population and interstate travel. Just my two cents."

It is bad out there and I don't see any improvement. I talk about it all the time, Main Street Danbury is a s-- show when the school buses are out.


Further exampled are available on the Youtube Channel "Really Bad Driving." There are dozens of long-form videos from around Connecticut with drivers making ridiculous and dangerous choices.

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