David Thompson, a man who recently uprooted from New York City to Sherman in hopes of a better future for his family, woke up this morning to find hateful slurs and a swastika painted across the front of his restaurant in New Milford — Thompson's Fine American Comfort Food.

Upon meeting him, David said that while this type of hate doesn't necessarily scare him, he is a bit fearful for his wife and children:

My family works here, and their safety is my number one concern right now. My wife is an immigrant and this is very upsetting to her.

David's wife, Senka, and daughter, Alex, said that there has been overwhelming support for the community so far, which really makes you wonder — who would do such a thing?

In the nine weeks that Thompson's Fine American Comfort Food has been open at 300 Kent Rd., the reviews have been more than stellar and the business has been booming. When I asked if David intended to close the restaurant due to the circumstances, he simply replied, "Absolutely not."

From there, Thompson expressed his confidence in the New Milford Police Department, stating that the detectives will get to the bottom of this unfortunate incident.

I commend David Thompson, his wife Senka, and the rest of their family for their poise in dealing with this incredibly disturbing circumstance. This family should be celebrated for taking it upon themselves to live what many consider the "American Dream" rather than being being put into the spotlight over a shameful act of hate.

Mayor Gronbach has adamantly denounced the hateful vandalism and has encourage the community to come to Thompson's restaurant to show their support. Here's what he had to say:

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