With three weeks to go, New Milford's summer lunch program needs your help.

On New Milford, Mayor's Pete Bass's Facebook Page he thanks everyone who has donated to the 'Lunch Brunch' program but he also explains that with three weeks left to go in the program, the cupboard's getting bare and they could really use your help.

With more than 100 New Milford kids signed up for the program, food donations can help this program succeed for the three final weeks. Donations can be dropped off at the mayor's office and New Milford Hospital. Donations can also be bought through the Amazon Wishlist for Camella's Cupboard who administrate the program.

We're asking our I-95 listeners to come through like they always do during our 'Camping for Cans' Hillside Food Outreach food drive. I know our generous listeners will jump at the chance to help New Milford's Lunch Program finish strong over the last three weeks.

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