On the Friday (8/26/22) Ethan and Lou Show, we had a discussion about New Milford politicians.

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We think that discussion was on-point, and so does the Mayor of New Milford, Pete Bass.

I was joined in-studio by New Milford resident Matt Carey, and as we were reading some listener mail, a few popular local politicians came up in the discussion. We talked about New Milford State Representative Bill Buckbee's ability to influence the media in a positive fashion. Then, the conversation shifted to the ever-popular Mayor of New Milford, Pete Bass.

This is how it went down:

Lou: "He (Buckbee) noticed that I called him hot in the article that I wrote about him, this morning."

Matt: "You called him hot in the article?"

Lou: "Well, I said Billy Mo Buckbee is so hot right now, like..."

Matt: "Oh, it wasn't like a looks hot, like he's trending."

Lou: "Basically, yeah as far as local people are concerned he (Buckbee) does a pretty good job of staying in the public consciousness in a positive way, and he's a politician so that is, you know that is very rare."

Matt: "He really does, you're right."

Lou: "He's got a little Mark Boughton thing going on."

Matt: "Yeah, he's the New Milford Mark Boughton, except with a giant white beard."

Lou: "Well, Pete Bass is the New Milford Mark Boughton."

Later, we tried to simplify the conversation even more, and managed to get there:

Lou: "He's like your uncle, not your uncle but everybody's uncle. There is just one picture of him by the grill, and that's it."

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I got a text from Mayor Bass soon after, who wrote:

"Love it! Thanks Lou! Great to be in the same conversation as Mayor Mark."

The moral of the story is, we have the pulse of all things local on the Ethan and Lou Show, and everyone seems to agree.

Listen to the segment below:

P.S. Minutes after I made the comment about the grill picture, I was sent this grill picture, NAILED IT.

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