It seems that almost every day, there's another story of human depravity.

According to an article in the NewsTimes, a 41-year-old New Milford man has been charged after allegedly giving an iPhone to a 9-year-old girl for the purpose of taking nude selfies.

The story tells of alleged domestic violence, restraining orders, and the accused Michael Romano ordering this 9-year-old girl to take two selfies a day of herself with no clothes on. The story is so repugnant, I'm unable to divulge all of the details in this article.

The girl and her brother were removed from the mother's home by the Department of Children and Families. The mother was allegedly romantically involved with Romano who told police that it was the mother's idea to have the child take the iPhone selfies.

Romano's temporary home is now the New Haven Correctional Center, where he's being held on $351,000 bond.

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